Wicked Smart Movers - Moving Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know Ian and  Charlie did an amazing job for us today in Lynn.  Please let them know  how happy we are - - made the day a little less stressful!  We will be  sure to give you 5 stars on yelp." Thank you, 

Rich and Lisa - Lynn, MA 

Moving Testimonials in Medford

"Hired this crew to move us on a hot  July day from a 5 floor walk up apartment, they ruled. I was in the  apartment while they moved everything out and they were friendly, fast,  respectful, and careful. Amazing truck packing skills too, truly  impressive. Jay kept me up to date all day long on arrival time and  price. He brought in a third mover (after checking with me on price) to  help finish up and it went even faster.  Just a tip, be nice to your  movers and offer them some cold Gatorade! They aren't machines, and if  you have crazy stairs in the summer, you should be nice to your fellow  humans.  I would recommend them and use them again." 
Miss D. - Boston, MA

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"I hired the guys at Wicked Smart Movers  based on a recommendation from a friend.  I was not disappointed.  From  my initial phone call with Jay to filling out the on-line form, I was  impressed with their professionalism.  Thanks to Charlie and Ian, the  crew on the day of the move, my move went super smooth."

Ann Marie C. - Charlestown, MA

"My experience with Wicked Smart Movers was  excellent from start to finish.  Jay was quick to respond to my  messages and easy to work with.  Both movers, Ian and Charlie, were  friendly and incredibly hard-working.  They showed up right on time and  got to work immediately.  They handled everything professionally and  easily solved any problems that came up during the move, without  worrying me at all.  Jay even called during the move to ensure  everything was going well and that I was happy with the service.  I  would definitely hire this company again.  All in all a great  experience, and price wise, relatively affordable compared to some of  the other options out there."

Morgan H. - Cambridge, MA 

"My  wife and I were forced to relocate unexpectedly and quickly, leaving  most of our belongings packed and stacked in a friends basement while we  searched for our new home. Once we found a new house, the thought of  imposing on friends, doing the move ourselves or hiring a full crew all  seemed out of reach. Jay was the perfect solution. His rates are fair,  he was prompt, courteous and friendly, and his touch with our stuff was  soft and careful like most people, I hate moving but Jay not only made  the job easier, he actually made it a breeze. I hope we stay put for a  while, but next time we move, I'm calling Jay."

J. Winer - South End/Boston, MA 

"Jay  was extremely helpful before, during, and after my move. Because he has  a level of expertise in organization and planning that is rare amongst  movers, I benefited from his pointers at all stages. For instance, he  was able to see how a 7' 1/2" couch could make it across the street from  an auction house on a busy street in Cambridge, onto a truck and out to  a small town in Metro West, and in through narrow doorways, all without  any damage to the piece, any other piece, or the walls and structures  of the house. He greatly exceeded my expectations. I recommend him unconditionally."
R. Wolfsdorf - Upton, MA